We are a 501 (c)(3), non-political, non-sectarian American Society of women of British or British Commonwealth of Nations heritage by birth, naturalization or ancestry, or whose spouses/partners are of British or Commonwealth of Nations heritage.

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We’re meeting outside during 2021!

Meetings outside 2021


The Brits are coming to Greensboro

We’re starting a new Chapter in the new year, so contact us if you are interested in learning more!



Sarah Josephine Langstaff Memorial Scholarship Fund

Information and Applications are now available. DBE Scholarship Flier 

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Through our charitable work we support

Mountbatten House Retirement Home, and Backpack Buddies.

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DBE in North Carolina
North Carolina is part of the Southern District and supports Mountbatten House which is located in Houston, Texas. The state currently has two DBE chapters – House of Raleigh and Lady Jane Grey.  Chapter meetings are held monthly. Members meet in each other’s homes and enjoy a cup of tea and light refreshments once chapter business has been concluded.  Recent fundraisers have included afternoon teas, yard sales, Parade of Homes greeters, craft sales and both Belk and Macy’s Charity Day ticket sales. In addition to fundraising, members frequently meet for coffee, walks, other outings and social events.

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We actively partner with similar groups such as: British Cultural and Business Embassy Trade Office, British American Business Council, Sister Cities and Facebook social groups.

DBE National Society link: DBE NATIONAL.ORG

What is the DBE?
The National Society of the Daughters of the British Empire in the United States of America has a rich history dating back to 1909.  It is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary American Society of women of British or Commonwealth heritage or the wives or partners of someone with British or Commonwealth heritage. 

What is the purpose of the DBE?
The primary purpose of the DBE is to support four District retirement/nursing homes for men and women.  Regular contributions to the Homes are made possible by our fundraising events. The secondary purpose is local philanthropy, and the sharing and celebration of our British and Commonwealth cultures and traditions.  Through our common background and understanding, membership in the Society can help ease the transition for newly arrived ex-pats by providing a source of close and lasting friendships. 

Who is eligible for membership?
Membership is extended by invitation to women age 13 or older, residing in the USA who are of British or Commonwealth heritage by birth, naturalization or proven ancestry.  Women whose husbands or partners are of British or Commonwealth heritage by birth, or whose husband’s parent(s) or grandparent(s) are of British or Commonwealth birth,  are also eligible. 

How is DBE Organized?
The society has Chapters in 27 organized states. Chapters are lead by a Regent and other elected Officers and meet monthly to discuss DBE business as well as fundraising, cultural and social events.  Each State is administered by a Board of Officers and Delegates elected from the membership of that State.   The States are organized into four geographical Districts – the East, Midwest, West and South. The National Board, which rotates among the States, is elected every three years and is the overall governing body of the organization. 




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